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I wore out grooves sneaking around the servants’ quarters, so
So I knew my way around the backstairs

There is another West, you’ll find out
It’s nearly thunderous
There is another West, much wilder
You feel it under us
And yet another West,
A new one, when you arrive

I move so slow, I didn’t know that I was backing off
It was getting backed out on the backstairs, the backstairs, the backstairs

And I came
And I saw
And I ran
And I won

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Kingdom Hearts? Kingdom Hearts.


Kingdom Hearts? Kingdom Hearts.

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The New Pornographers, “Brill Bruisers”
from Brill Bruisers (2014)

This album is helping me stay above water this week.

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Jason Momoa for Men’s Health UK October issue (x)

He could wreck it. Whenever.

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but i think my favourite moment in star trek is when they glued a horn to a small dog and called it “an exotic animal”



Tom and ‘Rocco’ at “The Drop” New York Premiere at Sunshine Cinema on September 8, 2014 in New York City.

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

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rhinestone eyes // gorillaz

and nobody knows what to do with the heat
under sunshine pylons we’ll meet
while rain is falling like rhinestones from the sky