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Elijah Wood as one of the Beastie Boys is forever the dream.

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this was requesteddd

  • earphones are advised
  • press play
  • close your eyes
  • beautiful

download link will be here

hope you like it:)


awesome mix vol. 1   from guardians of the galaxy [listen]

what a bunch of a-holes.

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go all the way // raspberries

but now i’ve changed
and it feels so strange
i come alive when she does all those things to me

How to download playlists: omgcatz


After 8hacks was taken down, many have been searching for another way to download 8tracks playlists. Well, here’s the answer!

Omgcatz is a site that gives you the ability to download any song from the playlist, or even the entire playlist itself!

  1. Go here
  2. Enter in the…

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where is my mind? // pixies

your head will collapse
and there’s nothing in it
and you’ll ask yourself,
"where is my mind?"

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You Know I’m No Good (Amy Winehouse cover) | Arctic Monkeys

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